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Every home and business owner dreams of a green lawn that is beautiful and healthy year-round. Unfortunately, existing turf is often at risk of numerous forms of damage, from poor soil conditions and insect infestation to drought or simply old age. This is where a procedure known as sodding comes in. When you seek to “repair” your unhealthy lawn with professional sodding in the Puget Sound Region, Lake Washington Landworks, LLC is only one call away.

Sod is pre-farmed grass that had been grown in a controlled environment, making it more resistant to insects, weeds, water damage and other common problems. The sod is gathered into neat rolls for easy distribution across properties of any shape and size, creating vibrant lawns with thick, strong grass. A perfect lawn not only decreases the hassle and costs of property maintenance but it also dramatically enhances the curb appeal of any home or business.

As the Kent’s leading provider of sodding services, we are equipped with the tools, knowledge and experience to bring even the most dead lawns back to life. We never fail to carefully assess the quality of the soil beneath your turf and all other signs of damage in order to establish an appropriate replacement plan. From the removal of existing turf to the rolling out of new sod – and beyond to post-installation care – we place your mind at ease that your lawn care is in capable hands.

Our team has been performing the entire sodding process from concept to completion for over 20 years, with zero damage to surrounding property and an impressive end result. Our goal is to maintain the delicate balance between correct installation and comprehensive maintenance for the long-term health and beauty of your lawn.

To learn more about how you can achieve the perfect lawn with sodding in Maple Valley, Covington, Kent, Renton and the Puget Sound Region, we welcome you to call or email us at Lake Washington Landworks, LLC today.

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